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Membrane Roofing

Roofing & Gutters

Roofing Membranes are for use on roofs, decks and balconies where an impervious waterproof membrane is required to prevent damage to building elements and adjoining areas. 

Paton Roofing Services are authorised installers of Ardex products.  We are able to supply a range of products that are application specific, used for waterproofing roofs and commercial butynol gutters.
  • 1.0mm thickness product is designed for use on roofs and gutters for light traffic areas.
  • 1.5mm is for walk out decks and high maintenance areas.  
  • 2.25mm is a heavy duty product that is custom made on request.

Butynol Roof
Membrane Two Layer Torch On to flat roof area


Ardex 2 Layer Torchon Membrane Watercare

Membrane roofing