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Elizabeth Knox Reroof Medium
Elizabeth Knox

Reroof Before small
Factory Unit
Before Re-roof

Reroof Before 2 small

Factory Unit
After Re-roof

All roofs have a finite lifespan

Eventually every roof will need to be replaced due to old age or other variables that may affect the lifespan of a roof.  

Paton Roofing Services can provide advice on all aspects of re-roofing.  A new roof will add value, improve the look and provide long term protection to a valuable asset.


Why would a roof fail?

  • Old Age
  • Wrong product used for the environment
  • Poor Maintenance
  • Structural issues / Damage
  • Poor design


Planning a Re-Roof

Careful planning and consideration when re-roofing can save a lot of time and money with ongoing problems with a failing roof.

Questions to ask when re-roofing:

  • Are there existing problems that can be remedied while re-roofing?
  • Does the roof structure need repairs or replacing?
  • What materials are suitable for the environment?
  • Do you need to replace spouting, guttering and other rainwater goods?
  • How will we re-roof a building while it is still in use?
  • What Health & Safety issues are there to consider?

Favona Reroof Before 3Small

Progressive Distribution Centre Favona Road
Before re-roof 
Favona Rd After small
Progressive Distribution Centre Favona Road
After re-roof

Asbestos Removal Hsn Valley 1
Henderson Valley Road Re-Roof old Fibrolite roof

Re-Roof with a future plan

Taking a long term view in regard to the cost of re-roofing will save money in the long term. 

Avoid the temptation of using cheap products or cutting corners on design as this will only give a short term solution.

Regular maintenance will increase the durability of the products used.  Have a maintenance plan which includes inspecting and cleaning of the products used to give the roof as much of a lifespan as possible.


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